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FRAUD ACTIVITY DISCLAIMER draws the attention of our customers and members of the general public about fraudulent activity being perpetuated by fraudsters who aim to deceive and defraud the general public. It has come to our attention that our customer support contact details are being used in attempts to defraud the public by mentioning such details on their web page, where the gullible public are made to make payments on their platform which has a similar sounding name. Please ensure that all payments made are for the items available on only. We are not responsible for any transactions  or purchases made by the public on other platforms with similar sounding name of “voonik”.

It has also come to our knowledge that defrauded public are being supplied with false, unscrupulous and misleading information by the scammers about non-existent products, false products and product lines that does not deal with. Voonik Technologies Pvt. Ltd strongly cautions the public against providing personal information or sending money or making payments on other platforms and for products not showcased or dealt with on

Our customers are strongly advised to file a police complaint against any such scammers displaying any contact details/customer support details of on any other platform.

Members of the public are hereby advised not to send/receive money to/from such scammers, as Voonik Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will have NO LIABILITY whatsoever for any and all losses/damages suffered by anyone who falls victim to such scams from fraudsters. Voonik Technologies Pvt. Ltd. hereby disclaims all such transactions made on other platforms and warns the general public to exercise extreme caution at all times.