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Ragi Jaggery Cookies
Ragi Jaggery Cookies
Ragi Jaggery Cookies

Ragi Jaggery Cookies

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Wondering if the cookies you devour are nutritious? Well look no further! 

Our Ragi Jaggery Cookies have a lower glycemic index than regular cookies which are available off the shelf today. 

Loaded with fiber these cookies ensure a sustained energy release, thereby avoiding sudden spike in sugar levels while also contributing to appetite control. 



  • As a snack on the go, straight out of the pack
  • Dunk them into a glass of milk
  • For dessert with your favourite ice cream
  • As a midnight binge with fresh fruits & flavoured yogurt


Finger Millet, Jaggery, Edible Fat, Baking Powder

Allergen Advice:

May contain traces of wheat

100 % Natural Ingredients
No preservatives
No Trans-fats
No additives
No Artificial sweeteners
No Preservatives

Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat or sunlight. Once opened, transfer contents into an airtight container to retain freshness and avoid spoilage. Consume within 6 days after opening the packet.